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How can I enjoy my studies and assignments work?

The school life is important for every student's life. It plays a crucial role in every student's life. The student's life parents, teachers, friends, and others presence increases here confidents. These all persons are important in a student successful life. The students study is based on different areas, not only the parents and teacher. The family atmosphere, school atmosphere, structure of the class room and friends, study material, physical activities these all are effecting the student's academic result.

The students study and assignment works making very happy by changing the student's routines that is making a new routine for study purpose. It is mainly based on the students study room. A good study room is very well and neat. That is a study room contains a table and chair or stool and a shelf to placing the book orderly, contain a table lamp, alarm clock, a computer with net services it help full to the students to clearing the doubt. These are the fundamental elements of a study room.

The class room also important to a students study, the class room is cleaned every day and placing the benches and desks orderly on facing the black board, and every class room placing a waste bin, also the class room atmosphere is important, by making a good ventilation and clean the background of classroom and school very well and neatly.

The family also important in a students study. The family background, atmosphere, and parent's behavior, support, also affecting the student's academic work. The all students are more depending on her parents. So the support of parents on the academic work will increases the student's academic results. All parents support the students by helping the academic works by giving instruction, help by drawing, giving study materials, etc; it improves the student's confidence and improving the challenging mentality.

The teacher is another important part in student's success. The teaching style and her behavior, attitude, interest, quality all factors are affecting the student's interest on study. The teachers teach the students by more friendly and very closely .don't make a barrier between the student's. And gives a clear idea about the particular subject (how, what, why) or the particular assignment. The academic work like writing assignments, collections like leafs, paper cuttings, or other group works. The academic works are improves the interests on that particular subject. The academic work is done by use different reference books, use computer tools, and go to the guide and number of facilities are occurring. Today most of the students cannot use these facilities effectively. The all are some time copying the assignments by friends or different guide books. This type of student's mentality is very dangerous for the student's future. Another important reason for the week study is the use of mobile phone and internet. The students are sitting in front of the mobile phone and computer to chatting with her friends, there is no time getting for the study. To using mobile phone and computer large time will increasing the mental and health problems on student.

A hard working student will get a wonderful result on her future, like getting good job or a peaceful life. We know hard work is tool in all successful stories like Abraham Lincoln's story, Einstein and other famous peoples. The main problem of the new generation student's is that no one can doing work individually all are depending on the other facilities (parents, mobile, friends, and guide books). This will decrease the student's qualities. A good student cannot copy the others words or others work he/she will only referenced that books. This will improve the student's mental ability and other type of qualities.