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How parenting and teaching styles affect on student’s life

Parenting and teaching styles affect on student’s life. All students are not born with good character and not all are have self confidence. The character and other things are building after the birth. First the child characters are developed based on their family member’s character. Parents are having a very best involvement in student’s life. Not all are born by best character so, the parents are work hard to teach the good characters to their child. Children’s are doesn’t know anything from their first stage of growth. Their parents are teaching them about how to speak and all. A student life is based on many factors; the first factor that affects a student life is their parents and other family members. If the student is get proper love and caring from their parent then them willable to catch bright future. The main reason for students are attracted by bad relationship and started bad habits is because of lack of love and caring from their parents. So many students are not getting the proper caring from their parents so that only their behavior and life style both are changed. Commonly the lack of love from the parents will affect a student life very badly. All students need good caring and love from their parents. Now the parents are busy with their own works and they don’t care about their child. Commonly the busy parents are providing a servant for care their child. These activities feel a child very sad and they miss their parents love. Parents love and caring is very important and all children’s are expect the love and caring from their parents. If the student, not get the proper caring and love from their parent then they feel bad and they not give value to nay relationship and also they start bad relations, those bad relations give confidence to that student to do bad habits. The students are start bad character by drinking, smoking and all. Generally, good caring and love from the parents is very essential for students, as a parent give good caring and love to their child then the child life become very successful.

As like parents the teachers are also have the equal response in student’s life. The teaching style is also affecting a student life. The more strictness always affects a student life badly. In the case of parents also, there are some parents they provide some rules and all for their child and by parents are makes, over strictness with their students then they can’t get the self confidence and it make that child mentally and that child life become very silent and they can’t able to reach their success point. An understudy's prosperity and passionate reaction can extend into their execution and conduct frequently. Showing styles can have a tremendous effect on adapting, particularly whether the one doing the educating embraces a dynamic or latent way to deal with learning. Showing styles can fluctuate and on occasion, if excessively dull – influence an understudy's involvement and inspiration in work. The instructing styles that assistance the understudy how to convey what needs be innovatively, through scholastics and how to manage life can help the understudy in long haul. After the family, next students spend their more time with their parents and friends. Friends are also having the main role in a student life. All friendship is not making a student good. In the academic have many type of students. All students are not coming from equal family background. Based on family background, student’s life style is also changed. Some student’s characters are very bad and those type students are tried to take other students to their gang. As compare to the good relation, students are attracted the bad relation is very fast. Students mind is very soft and they are very not thinking more and in the case of students, here there is a big chance for taking bad decisions, here a parent and teacher guidelines is very important. Teachers and parents are the responsibility to teach the students to go good way and teachers guide students, how to reach the success point. Teaching style is really affecting a student life. Some students are not respect third teachers. Students and teacher relation is very important. All students should keep good relationship with their teachers and parents. Respect is very important. As a student gives proper respect to other then others also give the respect. The student who are not having good character and good communication skill then those students not get proper respect from their society. The teaching style id affects a student in two ways. Classroom atmosphere is also very important. There are some teachers, they teach only the content which is in the syllabus, this is not a proper teaching. The proper teaching means; teaching the topic which is in the syllabus and out of syllabus. While teaching, try to discuss interesting other topics it really helpful for students to refresh their mind. The proper teaching affect a student life good way but the over strictness and partiality teaching style affect a student life very badly.